Explosive increase in ATM gas attacks in Germany

Whereas the number of 2015 gas attacks in The Netherlands had a significant decrease, numbers are rising in Germany. It appears the gangs from The Netherlands have shifted their focus towards Germany. German banks are collectively taking countermeasures to limit damage and stop the criminals.

In 2015, Germany had no less than 300 ATM explosive gas attacks. Almost three times the number of the previous year. Especially the states along the Dutch borders have been struck by this crime wave. Where Dutch banks have already taken countermeasures in the past, the German banks are expediting the implementation of countermeasures to mitigate and prevent damage from these destructive attacks. “Criminals have probably shifted their territory to neighboring countries for a good reason; gas attacks in The Netherlands are much harder to commit, due to the security measures that are already in place.”, according to Robin Bijland, Chief Technology Officer at Mactwin.

German banks choose Dutch solution

Several German banks are choosing Mactwin’s GPU (Gas Protection Unit). Bijland: “GPU prevents an explosion from happening as a result of an ATM gas attack. The criminal remains unsuccessful and there is little to no damage to the ATM or the premises. If an ATM is equipped with a GPU, gas attacks are completely futile.”

GPU detects gas in the blink of an eye

The heart of the GPU is the gas sensor, which swiftly detects any injected explosive gas. As soon as the gas is detected, the explosion suppression system is activated, which indefinitely prevents the gas from exploding. GPU is easily integrated with other security systems, such as the intrusion detection systems which notifies control room operators, or smoke generators, sirens and strobe lights that hinder and frustrate the criminal and attract attention to the crime scene. “We always advise banks to place cameras near the ATMs and connect them to the GPU. In case of an alarm, the footage is immediately sent to the control room.”, Bijland states. “This adds to the efficient dispatch of emergency services and apprehension of the criminals.”

Successful implementation

Mactwin’s GPU is already successfully deployed in ATMs in several countries, recently including Germany. This solution has already foiled multiple ATM gas attacks, thus preventing massive damage.

Why banks choose GPU

  • Protects against today’s and tomorrow’s ATM explosive gas attacks

  • Easily integrated with other security systems

  • Fits into any vault, regardless of ATM make and model

  • Easy installation

  • Low service and maintenance costs