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Where there’s cash, there will be criminals trying to steal it. In the eighties, bank robbery paid off; but this is no longer the case. Bank offices have improved their security, there’s limited cash on stock, opening a vault is strictly done on appointment and requires more than one person. Moreover, holding people at gunpoint will lead to harsher punishment. This is why criminals moved their efforts from the offices to the ATM, resulting in a plethora of modus operandi. Traditional breaking and grinding attacks have evolved to Smash & Grab attacks (or so-called Ram Raids). More recently, Explosive attacks are becoming more common and pose a serious threat to public safety.

Adequate solutions

Our solutions fit seamlessly into existing operational processes and anticipate the latest international MO’s. Our products are developed in close cooperation with industry stakeholders. We have been working for clients in the ATM industry for several decades and have extensive knowledge of processes and risks around the ATM. We are committed to following the (international) development of criminal modus operandi, to stay one step ahead of the criminal.

Our ATM Security Solutions

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 Irreversible cash degradation inside ATM cassettes

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Gas Protection Unit (GPU)

Detects and prevents ATM gas attack explosions

Solution prerequisites

Each of our solutions is compliant with our strict policies regarding quality and performance.


When developing new solutions, the reliability is of paramount importance. We pride ourselves on our track record regarding meticulous detection and the lowest false activation rate in the business.

Easy and safe

Our Cash Security solutions are all easy to install and use. We minimize the possibility of user errors and obviously, we make sure our products are all operationally and environmentally safe.


All our Cash Security solutions require minimal maintenance, which is often even executed remotely. This ensures low Total Cost of Ownership and maximizes ATM service availability.

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Request the Cash Degradation Whitepaper

We developed a Whitepaper for Cash Degradation (IBNS) in ATMs, in which we describe preventive measures that banks, ATM suppliers and/or service parties can take to fight ATM related crime effectively. Because we believe in the power of Cash Degradation, the emphasis lies on this specific security measure. Read our integral approach and 6 considerations when implementing Cash Degradation into your processes.





    Beat ATM & CIT crime at the source

    Cash money is very appealing to criminals; always has been, always will be as long as there is cash money in circulation. Over the years, there have been quite some changes in the types of attack. In many (European) countries, bank robberies occur less and less, because there is hardly any cash on site. The ATM has taken over this role and has subsequently become a target. The CIT business is also a target for extremely violent robberies. To break the arms race between criminals and the cash handling industry, we believe we need to address the problem at the source: remove the reward to remove the crime.

    Attacks on ATMs

    Explosive attacks on ATMs happen on a daily basis in many countries. Criminals use trucks and excavators to ram the ATM out of the wall and explosive gas (often a mixture of acetylene and oxygen) or solid explosives, like hand grenades and plastic explosives, to access the cash cassettes in the ATM. If necessary, the door to the vault area is rammed with a ‘battering ram’ attached to a car. Since a couple of years, off premise ATMs in supermarket have also become a target for criminals. The damage involved in these attacks is enormous. So it makes perfect sense that banks show an interest in solutions like the GPU (Gas Protection Unit) and GlueFusion (cash degradation with glue, inside cash cassettes).

    Attacks on CIT

    Cash handling has many aspects; from delivery of the cash, servicing ATMs and transporting cash, to counting and sorting in the cash centers. Every aspect has its own risk moments, positions and MO’s (Modi Operandi). During attacks on the Cash in Transit operation, criminals are using increasingly heavier and more dangerous weaponry. Automatic firearms and plastic explosives are used to shoot at and blow up armored trucks. The CIT custodian is also frequently a target of an attack. In the Netherlands, attacks on the custodians are very rare these days. Main reason for the decline of this MO is the use of the MactwinBox, with irreversible cash degradation.

    The future of attacks on the Cash Handling industry

    By using irreversible cash degradation – also known as IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems) – on a large scale in ATMs and CIT operations, the number of physical attacks will decrease drastically and criminals will be forced to explore other targets. We don’t really expect them to get honest jobs (wishful thinking), but believe their focus will shift further towards cybercrime (e.g. jackpotting). In the next couple of years, organizations will need to invest substantially in improving their digital defensibility.

    We are proud to work for these organizations

    Over the past 30 years we have helped numerous banks and CIT-companies improve their security. We implemented large-scale camera surveillance, designed complete cash centers and helped develop specific cash solutions. We proudly call these companies our partners:

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