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Whitepaper Cash Degradation in ATMs

All around the world, we see an increase in physical attacks on ATMs. There is a great need for a solution for this problem. We developed a Whitepaper Cash Degradation in ATMs, in which we describe preventive measures that banks, ATM suppliers and/or service parties can take to fight this Modus Operandi effectively. Because we believe in the power of Cash Degradation, the emphasis lies on this specific security measure.

MactwinBox featuring in Dutch National Lottery commercial

MactwinBox featuring in Dutch National Lottery commercial The Dutch National Lottery announced its new grand prize in a fun new commercial, featuring our MactwinBox 5. Clearly, when the grand prize needs the safest and most effortless transport to its

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The future of Cash Security

The start of Security Essen 2018 was marked with a new Cash Security Innovation event at the Atlantic Conference Hotel. Banks, CIT companies and other Cash Handling industry stakeholders from all over the world made their appearance, presented their knowledge and shared their insight regarding the future of Cash Security.

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Cash Security Innovation Event

Mactwin cordially invites banks and CIT companies to join the Mactwin Cash Security Innovation Event on September 25th, during Europe's main security exhibition Security Essen. We will provide attendees with valuable insight into new possibilities regarding CIT and ATM security. Our agenda will feature presentations and live demonstrations.

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GPU: the only effective solution against ATM gas attacks

GPU (Gas Protection Unit) indefinitely protects against ATM gas attacks, outperforming any other solution available in the market today. GPU prevents the explosion, minimizes damage and leaves the criminal empty-handed. After split-second gas detection, GPU neutralizes the gas inside the ATM; indefinitely! GPU is already successfully deployed in numerous ATMs throughout Europe. Recently, Mactwin introduced a brand-new version, making the system even more compact and easy to install. Moreover, the system status can now be monitored remotely.