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How to activate a Cashbox?

A good cashbox has sensors that detect unauthorized opening (breaking, grinding, ramming, immersion), whereafter the box activates. When selecting a cashbox, it is important to consider which sensors are used and how they can be configured. The trick is to configure these sensors in such a way that they do not send an activation signal in daily (clumsy) use. In addition to activation by sensors (in the event of sabotage), cashboxes can also be intentionally activated.

Distinctive and irreversible cash degradation in cashboxes

Reducing - or rather minimizing - the number of physical attacks on CIT operations requires an integrated and preventive approach. We firmly believe that removing the expectation of a reward is the most important measure in order to reduce the number of physical attacks on CIT operations. Removing the expectation of a reward is done by degrading the cash inside the cashbox, making it worthless. However, this is only effective if the degradation is distinctive ánd irreversible.

Criminals left empty-handed by cash degradation in CIT

attacks on Cash in Transit operations are still taking place. Especially when the CIT officer moves from his vehicle to a customer location is a risk. Discouraging the criminal is crucial to reduce these types of attacks. The best way is to take away the expectation of a reward by unmistakably and irreversibly degrade the cash inside the cashbox. Cash degradation can be done with ink and with High Energy (heat). They both degrade the cash, but differ when it comes to unmistakebly and irreversibility.

Global attacks on Cash-in-Transit in 2020

When talking about cash-in-transit robberies, images from money heist movies may come to mind. CIT heists in movies are mostly portrayed with explosions and shoot-outs. These may look exaggerated but, in reality, CIT robberies can truly inflict great danger to the drivers, couriers, and the business itself. In this article, we take a look at attacks on CIT operations that occurred around the globe in 2020.

Whitepaper Cash Degradation in CIT

In many countries, attacks on Cash in Transit operations are still taking place. While there are many solutions that should eliminate this scenario for good. Rather than fighting criminals' capabilities, we should fight their motivation. And that starts with removing the expectation of a reward. We believe in the power  of cash degradation, which is why we'll delve into this in this whitepaper. How do you choose the best cash degradation solution for your operation? We will guide you through all the choices you will have to make.

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