Seize Control. With Cemacs Cash.

The problem with many Cash Security solutions nowadays, is a lack of control. IBNS and other security systems are often isolated, use proprietary code and don’t integrate to truly synergize and provide added value to the entire Cash Security chain.

Cemacs Management Software

Cemacs as a brand is all about connecting technology to your organization’s needs. At the very core, Cemacs is built around the concept of Asset Management, as well as Security Management. This is especially useful in the world of Cash Security. It’s time we let technology facilitate your processes, instead of the other way around.

End-to-end Cash Security Operations Management


The entire Cash Security operation is monitored online, giving you realtime information regarding locations, security status and more. With Cemacs, you are in control of your ATMs and CIT assets and can easily monitor security risks.

Some of Cemacs’ key security features:

  • Track & Trace all connected CIT & ATM security assets on a maps interface

  • Live alerts in case of anomalies

  • Command and control in case of attack

  • Realtime status monitoring per connected asset

Remote Asset Management

Besides enhancing your security prowess, Cemacs is formidable for gaining insight in and reducing the cost of your total cash security operation. We’ve built some groundbreaking features that help manage your cash security systems like a pro.

Some key management features include:

  • Dashboards: actionable graphic information at a glance

  • Management information: tweak your operation to be the best it can be
  • A full audit trail from events allows you to hold stakeholders accountable and helps with forensic investigation

  • Service & Maintenance information: reduce stock and maintenance costs, increase availability and security level of your ATMs


How does Cemacs Cash work ?

Read how Cemacs cash can benefit your Cash Handling operation!

We are proud to work for these organizations

Over the past 30 years we have helped numerous banks and CIT-companies improve their security. We implemented large-scale camera surveillance, designed complete cash centers and helped develop specific cash solutions. We proudly call these companies our partners:

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