Creating shared value for the cash handling industry

As a partner of MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands), we support this organization’s manifesto. The starting point for this manifesto is that connected companies strive towards a balance between people, planet and profit, with every corporate decision. But maybe our FIRA certification says even more about our drive in this area. This shows we connect the business to the CSR principle and helps us create ‘shared value’ for clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

In relation to CSR, Mactwin has also composed a Code of Conduct that offers our employees a guideline for the day to day operation. The document consists of subjects like equal treatment, confidentiality & integrity, Human Resources policy and care for the environment. Doing business according to the CSR principle is not a hollow concept, but adds value to our organisation.

Value like the power to innovate, positive publicity, loyal staff and social goodwill

Prerequisites for innovation

One of our primary prerequisites for innovation, is that any new product or solution must be safe to use for people and the environment. These are some of the considerations we make in the innovation process.


Safety for the CIT custodian is paramount, when designing cash degradation solutions. For example, this is why GlueFusion is based on a low pressure dispersion method, unlike other (ink based) systems. Upon an activation, practically all glue will be contained inside the cassette. All products are equipped with safety features to prevent misuse that could potentially be harmful.


If a product is portable like the MactwinBox, every component is carefully considered and – literally – weighed in order to keep the product as lightweight as possible. Our R&D staff are regularly deployed en route with a CIT operation, to get first-hand information about the use of the product. How does it operate and feel after a full day on the job? We do everything we can to minimize the risk of RSI or overburdening. Without compromising quality, of course.


Apart from offering cutting edge and tailor-made security solutions, our solutions are characterised by the fact that they all have been built to last. By focussing on durability, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by keeping service and maintenance costs low and operational downtime to a minimum. Lifetime expectancy of products like our MactwinBox often exceed our own predictions, MactwinBoxes with over 10 years on the job are no exception. The long lifetime of our products combined with the reduced amount of maintenance required allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and material waste.

Safety, Durability and TCO

Naturally, all defacement processes are executed in a contained, internal environment: our product. Much like an internal combustion engine in cars. This means that in case of an activation, High Energy defacement is harmless to your custodial staff and their surroundings. When developing a product, we always have the best interest of our environment at heart. All our solutions’ components are produced with durability in mind, resulting in low TCO’s and longer lifetimes for the product, the people ánd the planet.