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We know that survival of a species has always depended on their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Today’s cash handling landscape is about as dynamic as it gets, with technological advancement of ATMs, evolving criminal Modus Operandi, the Internet of Things and ever-changing laws and legislations, to name but a few.

We asked ourselves a few years ago: “If these circumstances are so dynamic, then why are cash security measures still so static?” Even now, in the 21st century, once a system is in place: it is what it is. That just won’t do anymore, so we set out on a quest to add control and match the dynamics of cash security systems with the dynamics of the field they operate in.

Getting (existing) systems to interact with each other was crucial. Because they all have their own proprietary code (system language), which makes communication between systems with different languages very difficult. So we created a lean, non-intrusive piece of software that acts as a translator, to turn all these different languages into one universal language.

Do more with what you already have


Today, we are able to send and receive data between different systems from different vendors and interact with this data. We turn data into information, so to speak. All with one goal in mind: optimize processes and add control. Security systems in an ATM now communicate with each other. But they also communicate with a central server, which in turn communicates with all other connected appliances. With a rules engine being able to draw from all these sources, the possibilities for correlating data and customizing your processes are virtually endless.

Save money and lower carbon footprint

by reducing physical maintenance and logistics

Connected appliances are configured and managed remotely. By closely monitoring the status and usage, we can even predict when maintenance will be due. Lifecycles of your otherwise static systems will be prolonged. All in all, Cemacs has a huge potential for saving money on maintenance, stock keeping and logistics.

Increased ATM availability leads to happy customers

Tailor made, made easy

First of all, Cemacs is completely webbased on desktop computers. It requires no software installation. This also means that Cemacs is always up-to-date. Cemacs for mobile devices uses an app, which is updated as soon as an upgrade is available.

Easy as it is to add a user or stakeholder, it’s easy to add functionality to the software. We hate it when we pay for something we don’t use. So we want to extend this same courtesy to you. Actually, this is true for all of Mactwin’s products & services. Modular build means you get to pick what you need now and be able to up- or downgrade in the future.


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Over the past 30 years we have helped numerous banks and CIT-companies improve their security. We implemented large-scale camera surveillance, designed complete cash centers and helped develop specific cash solutions. We proudly call these companies our partners:

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