Sending criminals to the unemployment line since 1978

In the late seventies and early eighties, there were a lot of attacks on Cash in Transit Operations in The Netherlands. Every time new countermeasures were introduced by the CIT companies, criminals used increasingly more violence. The use of fire-arms by CIT custodians was legally prohibited; maybe for the best. There’s no telling how the arms race between criminals and CIT companies might have escalated.

Nowadays, there are practically zero attacks on CIT Operations in The Netherlands. How come? Because a small team of security experts had a vision: where there’s no value, there’s no risk…

Thinking outside the box…

Instead of staying on the beaten path and applying increasingly heavier security measures, this team came up with a secure cashbox. A suitcase that irreversibly degrades the money in case of a robbery; thus making it worthless to a criminal. The result? In no time at all, criminals knew that an attack on a CIT operation was futile.

The number of robberies dropped drastically. CIT custodians were able to safely transport money again and still return to their families in the evening, safe and sound.

The way we work

The small team of security experts consisted of specialists from Mactwin. They studied the processes and risks of their customers and the methods of the criminals that robbed them. This allowed the specialists to come up with this successful and innovative solution.

Since that time, a lot has happened in the field of security technology, with the introduction of mobile communication and the internet, for example. Criminal MO’s have also evolved, but the principle of the MactwinBox is still going strong and has proved to be very future-proof. Our philosophy is that criminals should never be rewarded for their effort.

This philosophy underlies every new product that we develop, like cash degradation with glue inside ATM cassettes, solutions against ATM gas attacks and access control for CIT vehicles. Our expertise in the area of ​​Cash Security continues to grow, we continue to innovate and are now internationally recognized as an authority in Cash Security solutions.