Whitepaper Cash Degradation in CIT

In many countries, attacks on Cash in Transit operations are still taking place. While there are many solutions that should eliminate this scenario for good. Rather than fighting criminals’ capabilities, we should fight their motivation. And that starts with removing the expectation of a reward. We believe in the power of cash degradation, which is why we’ll delve into this in this whitepaper. How do you choose the best cash degradation solution for your operation? We will guide you through all the choices you will have to make.

5 Considerations

An important preventive measure in this case, is to remove the expectation of a reward, by degrading the cash in a cashbox. There are several solutions available, from different suppliers. It is not a quite a simple task to choose the right cashbox for your operation. There are many things to take into account. You’ll find an overview of 5 considerations in this whitepaper.

Integral approach

Although cash degradation is very effective, we typically advise to implement additional measures that increase the risk for the criminal and that frustrate and/or hinder them when they’re committing their crime. We discuss camera surveillance and DNA markers. And to discourage criminals, it is better not to drive at fixed times and routes and not to announce the routes too long in advance. Finally, the harsher the sentence, the more the criminal is discouraged.

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