GPU: the only effective solution against ATM gas attacks

GPU (Gas Protection Unit) indefinitely protects against ATM gas attacks, outperforming any other solution available in the market today. GPU prevents the explosion, minimizes damage and leaves the criminal empty-handed.

After split-second gas detection, GPU neutralizes the gas inside the ATM; indefinitely! GPU is already successfully deployed in numerous ATMs throughout Europe. Recently, Mactwin introduced a brand-new version, making the system even more compact and easy to install. Moreover, the system status can now be monitored remotely.

Fast installation, maximum control

The new mounting method and even more compact footprint allow for significant faster installation inside any ATM vault. GPU exclusively contains durable, high quality components that will limit service and maintenance costs.

The new GPU brings new levels of control to banks and other ATM owners. Thanks to the Watchdog functionality, they have immediate insight into system status (active or disabled) and will receive notifications upon sabotage, power failure or cable disconnection.

New options

Some new functions have also been added to the GPU system, including an emergency power supply which will keep the GPU performing autonomously in case of main power failure. Another new option is Mobile Forwarding; in case of any alarm, the system immediately sends a text message to (max) 5 mobile phone numbers.

The MO and the solution

ATM gas attacks still occur on a daily basis in many countries. Criminals insert an explosive gas, sometimes combined with oxygen, into an ATM and detonate it from a safe distance. Doing so, they try to force open the ATM vault and gain access to the cash cassettes. The damage to the ATM and surrounding building is enormous, virtually without exception. ATMs that are equipped with GPU can no longer explode when this Modus Operandi is used. There is no damage from an explosion and the criminal is left empty-handed.