The start of Security Essen 2018 was marked with a new Cash Security Innovation event at the Atlantic Conference Hotel. Banks, CIT companies and other Cash Handling industry stakeholders from all over the world made their appearance, presented their knowledge and shared their insight regarding the future of Cash Security.

Hosted by Mactwin Security, the event covered subjects like the future of Cash, Facts & Figures about attacks, the latest criminal Modus Operandi and the importance of innovation to stop the arms race between criminals and the Cash Handling industry. Moreover, there were live demonstrations of several new concepts and solutions.

Amongst the new solutions were a new edition of a Cash Box (MactwinBox 5), a definitive solution against ATM gas attacks (GPU 4) and an ATM cassette with built-in cash degradation by glue (GlueFusion). Attendees were also invited to join the co-creation of new, ‘connected’ cash security solutions. The infrastructure, akin to the Internet of Things, is available and offers new possibilities for applications and business opportunities that will potentially benefit the entire Cash Handling industry.

In the past editions of Security Essen, Cash Security specialists were united in Hall 6. The 2018 edition found these parties spread across the other halls, creating the need for a centralized place for Cash Security specialists to acquire knowledge about the latest Modus Operandi, technology and solutions.