In the cash industry, robust security solutions are crucial. GlueFusion, developed through a collaboration between Mactwin, banks, Cash-in-Transit companies, law enforcement agencies, and the Dutch Central Bank, is an innovation that delivers high levels of security for ATMs.

1. User-Friendly and Safe

GlueFusion offers user-friendliness and seamlessly integrates into any existing ATM infrastructure. It ensures comprehensive security during cassette replenishment or replacement, benefiting both service providers and end-users.

GlueFusion is certified as a safe and secure solution by leading CIT providers, banking industry’s Health, Safety, and Environment departments, and independent occupational health and safety authority, Arbode Consultancy. It adheres to the highest safety standards.

2. Superior Reliability

GlueFusion is designed with dedication to reliability. It withstands attempts of criminal interference by using a powerful adhesive to fuse banknotes together if the cash cassette is forcibly opened or removed. This tamper-proof solution foils theft attempts.

Moreover, GlueFusion can operate autonomously during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted security functionalities with its built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Your ATM infrastructure remains protected, regardless of power outages.

3. Intuitive Integration

GlueFusion integrates seamlessly with other sensory and systemic frameworks within and around the ATM ecosystem. Its flexibility and scalability make it a versatile security solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of diverse ATM setups. Service providers can effortlessly incorporate GlueFusion into their operations, unlocking enhanced security possibilities.

4. Reduce Costs, Optimize Availabilty

Deploying GlueFusion leads to minimal maintenance requirements and substantial cost reductions. Most maintenance tasks can be carried out remotely, minimizing operational expenses while maximizing ATM availability. GlueFusion positions itself as a cost-effective ATM security solution that safeguards your financial infrastructure.

5. Central Bank Reimbursement

In the unfortunate event of an attack, banks and authorized CIT companies can rely on GlueFusion’s unique Central Bank reimbursement feature. The ability to return glued banknotes to the central bank for reimbursement provides an additional layer of protection, mitigating potential losses. GlueFusion fosters confidence among all stakeholders involved in secure cash transactions.

In conclusion, ATM security standards are undergoing a transformation fueled by GlueFusion’s innovative technologies. With user-friendliness, reliability, seamless integration capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and provisions for central bank reimbursement, GlueFusion stands as an indispensable choice for banks and CIT companies. It brings efficiency, efficacy, and unmatched cost-effectiveness to your ATMs, ushering in a new era of trust and confidence in financial security.

ATMs are attacked almost daily, resulting in massive damage. As time passes by, we see criminals using increasingly heavier tools; forcing banks to implement far-reaching and radical countermeasures. The arms race between banks and criminals using explosive attacks is in full effect. This arms race can only be broken by taking away the potential reward, by irreversibly degrading the cash in case of any attack.

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