Key management for Cash boxes

Key management for cash boxes is time consuming and cumbersome, especially in ‘multi-run’ operations. Mactwin has reinvented key management to be fast, secure and convenient.

CIT operations are all about efficiency. How many locations can a crew visit per day? Working with single runs and returning to the vehicle after each location is far too time consuming a process. Since many CIT operations are subject to considerable time pressure, this is not a recommended method. The multiple run method with Customer Keys seemed to solve this problem. Theoretically, that is…

Customer Keys get lost or stolen

The principle is simple: the CIT crew has a secure key in their vehicle and the customer has a customer key on his location. In this case, both customer and CIT officer have to present their key in a secure area to open the cashbox (4-eyes principle). Sidenote: this requires the cashbox to be programmable for consecutive locations.

The disadvantage of working with customer keys, however, is that this particular customer must always be present (and have time) when the CIT officer comes on site. Moreover, a customer key can be lost or even stolen. So even multi-run (consecutive) pick-ups can be troublesome.

Introducing KeyTerminal

Instead of providing the customer with a secure key, a (secure) customer location is equipped with a KeyTerminal unit. The CIT officer brings the MactwinBox to the customer location and presents his iButton (secure electronic key) to the KeyTerminal. KeyTerminal starts an authentication protocol and provides the iButton with clearance to open the MactwinBox.

Without this clearance, the iButton is useless. The MactwinBox can now be opened with said iButton (just once) and the value can be stored inside. Once the MactwinBox is closed, the procedure can only be repeated after a certain (programmable) time window. The security principle of ‘an extra pair of eyes’ is still applicable but replaced by technology.

Theft and vandalism proof

Once in place, KeyTerminal cannot be removed without the system resetting itself. In case of theft or vandalism, KeyTerminal is rendered useless, until it is reactivated by authorized personnel.

Easy installation and maintenance

Installing KeyTerminal couldn’t be easier. Simply stick and/or screw the KeyTerminal to a suitable surface, activate it by presenting a master key and you are ready to go. KeyTerminal is battery powered, so no wiring is required. Battery lifetime is approximately 2 years and when its power is running low, a warning will be issued to the CIT officer to replace the battery soon. And that’s it! No further maintenance is required.

Choosing a key management system for CIT

Which key management solution you choose depends on your operation. Explore the possibilities that the various cashboxes offer in this area and make the best choice. When choosing your perfect solution, you should at least consider these 5 critical success factors (in random order).

  1. Banknote degradation: distinctive and irreversible
  2. Flexibility in operation
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Certification and local legislation
  5. Price & TCO
Cash Degradation in CIT whitepaper

Mactwin wrote a whitepaper, extensively covering these 5 considerations. CIT companies can request this whitepaper, free of charge.