What does a CIT Cashbox REALLY cost?


Besides the danger to health and safety of CIT officers, being robbed costs a CIT company lots of money! Investing in a cashbox that irreversibly degrades the cash inside, is the best way to prevent robberies from happening. Of course, these security measures also cost money. Prices of available cashboxes vary. The differences are not so much related to the type of cash degradation, but to several other aspects: material use, production process, available options, use of technological components, etc. However, the price of a cashbox is not determined solely by the purchase price. It is important to also consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the different boxes to determine your best buy.

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Is a CIT Cashbox safe to use?


In the early 1980s, there were many attacks on Cash in Transit (CIT) operations in the Netherlands, with heavy automatic weapons. Of course, these attacks affected the CIT industry, but they also had a huge social impact. At the request of the Dutch government and the CIT industry, Mactwin invented the first Cashbox at the time. The product has of course evolved over the years, but the basic principle remains the same: irreversible cash degradation. But if the cash is degraded, is it still safe for the CIT custodians? Read more in this article!

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How to activate a Cashbox?


A good cashbox has sensors that detect unauthorized opening (breaking, grinding, ramming, immersion), whereafter the box activates. When selecting a cashbox, it is important to consider which sensors are used and how they can be configured. The trick is to configure these sensors in such a way that they do not send an activation signal in daily (clumsy) use. In addition to activation by sensors (in the event of sabotage), cashboxes can also be intentionally activated.

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Distinctive and irreversible cash degradation in cashboxes


Reducing - or rather minimizing - the number of physical attacks on CIT operations requires an integrated and preventive approach. We firmly believe that removing the expectation of a reward is the most important measure in order to reduce the number of physical attacks on CIT operations. Removing the expectation of a reward is done by degrading the cash inside the cashbox, making it worthless. However, this is only effective if the degradation is distinctive ánd irreversible.

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