Total Cost of Ownership IBNS


In previous articles, we wrote about the differences between the available cash degradation solutions (IBNS, or Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems) for ATMs. In addition to the aforementioned differences, like the applied degradation liquid and the means of operation, the price of these solutions will also differ. How come? And what do you need to take into account when choosing a cash degradation solution? 

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ATM Security as an integral concept


Rather than having different manufacturers trying their best to come up with just a piece of the puzzle that is ATM Security, we see the need for a total, integral concept. Irreversibly degrading the cash inside the ATM (no cash, no crime) is a great starting point, but we can do more to discourage criminals to attack ATMs.

ATM Security as an integral concept2023-03-21T11:14:02+00:00
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