Intelligently eradicate the Modus Operandi altogether

As long as there is cash in ATM or CIT processes, they will be a potential target for criminals. ATMs are attacked on a daily basis and the methods criminals apply to obtain the cash are diverse and constantly evolving, because simply: the crime pays off… Increasingly heavier security measures are answered with increasingly heavier attacks (with substantial risks for surroundings and residents). This arms race with criminals can only be broken by removing the expectation of a payday.

Capabilities versus Motivation

When a bank or CIT company applies heavier security measures to counter an evolved Modus Operandi, they are mostly fighting the criminal’s capabilities. We at Mactwin firmly believe in fighting the criminal’s motivation instead. This means we need to make sure there will be no cash to be gained, early warning and rapid response by authorities are guaranteed and apprehension of the criminal will lead to harsh convictions.

Fight the motivation

Taking away a criminal’s motivation to perform an attack on CIT or ATM operations can be done by neutralizing the attack itself or by changing the targeted cash into something else; something worthless…

Turn cash into something else

The ultimate solution against any attack is to render the cash worthless. But in our opinion, simply adding a coloring agent, like ink, is not enough. Then you just end up with money with ink on it. But it’s still money. And the criminal will still find a way to use it as currency. We believe that, in order to truly degrade the cash, you need to change the physical properties of the cash in such a way, that it’s no longer money. Like turning it into charred fragments of paper, a solid brick of paper or tiny shreds of paper. So in addition to changing the cash’s appearance, we also change the size and the weight. This will ensure that it can never be accepted as legal tender. Ever.

Neutralize the attack

Sometimes, the collateral damage of an attack is so big that you just can’t let the attack happen. Even if you degrade the cash. An example of this scenario is the explosive ATM attack. The costs of damage to the ATM and surrounding buildings after an explosive attack often far exceeds the amount of money that could even be stolen. In addition, an explosive attack on an ATM can lead to serious injury or even death of nearby residents when buildings collapse, so preventing an explosion is of paramount importance. Yes, criminals might evolve their Modus Operandi into something new. But banks often feel they simply cannot afford to not do something about this Modus Operandi. Combine neutralization of an attack with irreversible cash degradation, early warning systems, swift apprehension and harsh conviction and you have an optimal and definitive solution that will eradicate the MO altogether.

We are proud to work for these organizations

Over the past 30 years we have helped numerous banks and CIT-companies improve their security. We implemented large-scale camera surveillance, designed complete cash centers and helped develop specific cash solutions. We proudly call these companies our partners: