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No value, no risk. Mactwin aims to spread this vision globally…

We make sure criminals are never rewarded for their efforts. To achieve this goal, we fight the problem at the source by taking away the attractivity, thus breaking the arms race between criminals and the cash handling industry. To this end, we deliver smart physical security solutions that render a criminal Modus Operandi impossible and/or irreversibly degrade any cash.

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We firmly believe that for a smooth implementation in every country, local expertise is of the utmost value. Our Business Partners understand local culture and processes like no other. We rely on them for their knowledge of the region, commercial network and servicing capacity. In turn, we deliver our in-depth knowledge of worldwide scenario’s, product information, service and marketing support.

Are you looking to join a winning team with cutting edge cash security technology? Get in touch! We look forward to examining mutually beneficial possibilities. The Partners below have already joined our ranks. Feel free to contact a partner in your area if you have questions regarding cash security in your region.

Our products for representation

Het kleine team van security experts bestond uit specialisten van Mactwin. Zij verdiepten zich in de processen en risico’s van hun klant en in de aanvalsmethodieken. Hierdoor konden ze deze succesvolle en destijds innovatieve oplossing bedenken.

DN CINEO and NCR Cash Cassettes GlueFusion

GlueFusion is an ATM cash cassette with a built-in module for degradation by glue. Upon activation, GlueFusion glues all individual banknotes together in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing but a worthless, solid brick of paper. If anyone tries to peel off a single banknote, it will immediately tear into small pieces. The applied glue cannot be dissolved or removed in any other way. Whereas criminals are usually quite successful in finding ways to spend (or launder) ink-smudged banknotes, this will be impossible with glued or torn banknotes. The cash is completely worthless, because nobody will accept a brick of paper or mere shreds as payment. Nor will they fit into automated payment terminals.

The GPU (Gas Protection Unit) is a patented, unique and reliable solution, specifically developed to combat the threat of today’s and tomorrow’s ATM Gas Attack scenarios. The system differs from all other available solutions by its extremely fast gas detection and the use of innovative techniques to render the combustible gas ineffective. Indefinitely. Thus suppressing an explosion and making a gas attack completely futile. By integrating alarm notification, the ATM monitoring centre and police are alerted immediately after gas detection. Moreover, the chance of catching the criminals will increase considerably.

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Over the past 30 years we have helped numerous banks and CIT-companies improve their security. We implemented large-scale camera surveillance, designed complete cash centers and helped develop specific cash solutions. We proudly call these companies our partners: